Credit: Doug Boehm

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It’s been an exciting week over in the comments section of Screw U.: Inside the Secret Sex Life of Catholic University. I laughed, I cried, I snuck a girl out through the bathroom when my RA came knocking. But I wanted to highlight two commenters:

From Member of the Underground Jimmy Hat Railroad:

This article couldn’t possibly be more accurate.

I transferred to Catholic from a Big 10 state school because I wanted more opportunities to intern as a politics student. I hadn’t even unpacked all of the boxes in my dorm room when I got a knock on the door from two students interested to know my stance on the Roe v. Wade.

Later that evening, my RA also knocked on my door with a pitcher of frozen margaritas and promptly provided me with a list of bars in the neighborhood who would accept my student ID and where I could get a great fake NJ ID.

The student body has CONSISTENTLY been packed with students from east coast preparatory schools who are so sexually repressed that when they finally got the chance to explore they completely went wild.

It was a blast. Run don’t walk to the mailbox to send in your application.

From God Squadder Mike, who describes himself as “a real ‘God-Squadder’ of Catholic University”:

Upon reading this article and seeing her sources, one wonders where Ms. Hess learned journalistic integrity. It seems a pretty poor argument to base your entire work on the source of one or two students, who obviously seek to push their own agenda of debasing Catholic University. One might query whether or not these students ever sought something more from their collegiate experience besides self-gratifying actions. Furthermore, it causes deep sorrow to see two of my friends, Karen Mahowald and Jonathan Meyer, be misquoted as if to prove that even good Catholics do not practice chastity. The blatant manipulation of their words is an affront to journalism and to truth, but to be expected from someone of Ms. Hess’ poor caliber. It is true what Karen said, chastity is not a list of do’s and don’ts. Chastity is a lifestyle dedicated at freeing yourself from selfish pleasures and focusing on the inherent beauty of sexuality. To treat it as something negative as many unfortunately do, only degrades our humanity further. Jonathan Meyer said, “None of us perfectly lives out our call to chastity.” This is not to say we view it as unimportant or insignificant. Rather Jon was saying that we recognize our own sinfulness and realize that we are bound to sin sooner or later. None of us can be perfectly chaste at all times. This does not stop us from trying. It would not be surprising to find out Ms. Hess is not a Christian as any Christian can recognize the understanding of trying to live like Christ as much as possible, but recognizing that we ourselves are not perfect; we are not sinless. The word is concupiscence, Ms. Hess, and we are all subject to it.

Illustration by Doug Boehm.