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I’ve been trying to figure out Linda Hirshman—-women-at-work advocate, DoubleX contributor, Jezebel player-hater—-since she came out swinging with the victim-blaming in her “review” of Leslie Morgan Steiner‘s abuse memoir Crazy Love. Since then, I’ve endured some more of Hirshman’s irresponsible-rape-victims-are-killing-feminism mojo, and still, I’m left wondering: Why does Hirshman’s personal brand of blame-game seem so goddamned familiar?

Tiger Beatdown, of course, has hit the nail on the head. As part of her informal “Anti-Feminists Say the Darnedest Things Week,” Tiger Sady explains the Hirshman phenomenon:

That’s how these conversations go, and I have been through them one million times (in e-mails, in blog comment sections, in real life):

1. Somebody makes a dick move. 2. You say, “wow, that was a dick move.” 3. They say, “OH MY GOD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM.”

This allows the maker of dick moves to avoid owning up to his or her own dickishness, or the fact that s/he is the aggressor in the situation, and to pretend that the real problem is that you object to the situation s/he has created. Now, there is something that a person who employs such a tactic is, very obviously, not taking – it begins with the letter R, and rhymes with “phlesponsibility for one’s actions.”

Ahh yes. THANK YOU. Linda Hirshman is every ex-boyfriend ever. I knew I recognized her somewhere!