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Today, The New Gay blogger Mike B. posted an interview with Mike Rogers, a gay blogger noted for advocating the outing of secretly gay politicians who practice anti-gay politics. Earlier this month, NewsChannel 8 reporter Doug McKelway threatened to punch Rogers in the face on the air.

Mike B. asks the question everybody was thinking when we saw that exchange:

The New Gay:Doug McKelway was noticeably riled up about this whole issue throughout the entire interview. So the natural question (which I promised TNG music maven Rocky I would ask you) is: So how gay is Doug McKelway?

Mike Rogers: I don’t know if Doug McKelway is gay, bisexual or straight. I do know that Doug has incredibly personal feelings about this issue. And the way he expresses those feelings is more passionate than anyone I’ve ever met. I even tried to be nice afterwards but he gave me the equivalent of a “fuck you.”