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Craigslist’s adult-services ads may now be scrubbed of unlawfullness and pornography, but the Web site’s notoriously dirty personals section is still allowed to run free of administrative oversight. That’s not to say its sex seekers are lacking in standards.

In “The Glory Hole is OPEN,” the proprietor of a private anonymous sex hole writes:

“I’ve got a really cool glory hole set up at my place. It’s a real glory hole, not a sheet.”

Glory holes, traditionally holes carved in public wall spaces for convenient anonymous sex, used to be the sort of sturdy, steel-plated, duct-taped openings you could really stick your dick through (above, in a California rest stop). Now dudes are draping sheets with holes in them over themselves in their Virginia apartments and calling them glory holes? There’s nothing glorious about that, friends.

I e-mailed the poster above to see if he’s seen how bad it’s become—-if he’s ever been summoned to a purported glory hole, only to find a fucking sheet with a hole in it. He didn’t reply. At least glory holers are still polite enough to remain discrete.

Photo by luxpacis