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Slate’s DoubleX has taken up an interesting point of discussion. Which of the following is more cruel:

(a) A father who films his hilariously drugged-up child after a doctor’s visit:

“David After Dentist”

(b) Or a hipster music video depicting a screaming child dodging scary monsters without the help of his unresponsive mother:

MGMT’s music video for “Kids”

Personally, I’d say that forcing your own child to go to the dentist—-ughhhhhh—-and then filming him totally cracked out on dentist drugs—-Daaaaaad!!!—-and posting the results to Youtube—-YOU ARE SO EMBARRASSING DAD I HATE YOU—-is slightly more cruel than subjecting a child actor to a hipster-video-of-horrors. Because, as David’s Dad failes to assure his child in the video, “David After Dentist”is, in fact, real life. Meanwhile, MGMT insists that no children were harmed in the video’s making.

But at least “David After Dentist” was funny! Less funny is when you actually start marketing t-shirts with your child’s image on them referencing the time you forced him to go to the dentist, filmed him totally cracked out on dentist drugs, then posted the results to Youtube. That’s not just child cruelty, Dad. That’s tacky child cruelty! Perhaps it is Capitalism which is the true monster.