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Talking about having sex is healthy. But with radio censors intent on bleeping out the most explicitly offensive material, what’s Lil’ Wayne to do when he wants to write an entire song about a woman performing oral sex on him? Invent a bizarre euphemisms for fun and profit. Below, the top ten euphemisms for sex made famous in rap songs.

10. “Lollipop”


DEFINING MOMENT: Lil’ Wayne‘s “Lick it Like a Lollipop”

UNDERLYING MEANING: Sexual infantilization ahead. “It’s basically a cock. As in lick the lollipop. Refering to blowjobs. Lil Wayne made a song called Lollipop about this topic.”

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9. “Ridin’ My Pony”


DEFINING MOMENT: Ginuwine‘s “My Pony”

UNDERLYING MEANING: Ginuwine’s pony, obviously, is his cock. One commenter commends Ginuwine for invoking a diminuitive horse as opposed to a more sizeable stallion; I’m just impressed he manages to carry the analogy throughout the song. His saddle is waiting, ladies.


8. “The Nappy Dug Out”


DEFINING MOMENT: Ice Cube‘s “Givin Up the Nappy Dug Out”

UNDERLYING MEANING: All this means is vagina, but points for originality.


7. “Milkshake”


DEFINING MOMENT: Kelis‘ “Milkshake”

UNDERLYING MEANING: I always assumed “milkshake” stood for “blowjob.” In the context of the song, that interpretation would have Kelis performing mass outdoor yard blowjobs for all the boys. Kelis had this to say about the true meaning of the frothy drink: “Milkshake is just that thing that makes a woman stand out from everyone else. It’s a thing that makes you sensual and warm and maternal. It could be about breasts but I don’t have huge tits so you gotta work with what you got.”


6. “Skeet”


DEFINING MOMENT: Lil’ John‘s “Get Low”

Ejaculating; “To shoot your man juice up on ur bitch.”


5. “Make it Rain”


DEFINING MOMENT: Fat Joe‘s “Make It Rain”

UNDERLYING MEANING: Urban Dictionary identifies two levels of euphemism in this rap standard: “In strip clubs, it is when you throw stacks of money all over women (this is the “edited” definition)”; “When a man ejaculates all over a woman (this is the “explicit” definition).”

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4. “Superman That Ho”


DEFINING MOMENT: Soulja Boy‘s”Crank That (Soulja Boy)”

UNDERLYING MEANING: Is it not intuitive? “When you cum on a girls back and then stick the sheets to her, so when she wakes up in the morning she has a cape.”


3. “Wild Thing”


DEFINING MOMENT: Tone Loc‘s “Wild Thing”

UNDERLYING MEANING: Dropped in 1989, this song is one of the original examples of hip-hop sex euphemism. Now, “doin’ the wild thing” is so intimately associated with having sex that it’s hard to believe it was once ambiguous.


2. “O.P.P.”


DEFINING MOMENT: Naughty By Nature‘s “O.P.P.”

UNDERLYING MEANING: “Other People’s Property,” generally. Throughout the song, “O.P.P.” is made to signify both “Other People’s Penis” and “Other People’s Pussy.” According to Wikipedia, “when the song asks the listener if they’re ‘Down with O.P.P.,’ it is asking the listener if he/she is willing to have sexual relations with a person who is known to already have a significant other.” The enthusiastic call-and-response that generally accompanies this song suggests that we’re all a bunch of cheaters. Or we have no fucking idea what Naughty by Nature is talking about.


1. “Doin’ It”