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Fall From Glory: George Washington University’s Corcoran Hall

Anonymous public sex ain’t as public—-or anonymous—-as it used to be. In the past ten years, private Internet hook-ups have all but eliminated the need for old-fashioned public toe-tapping meet-ups. In the meantime, some infamous incidents have helped raise awareness about the dangers of initiating anonymous public sex with the wrong guy—-like an undercover cop.

But somewhere between the time that the Internet went mainstream and Craigslist took over the sex stuff—-we’re talking late-90s, early 2000s here—-willing partners in search of anonymous sex began seeking out—-and recording—-their public meet-ups spots online.

The popularity of these online message boards—-like Gay Universe‘s D.C. cruising spot locator—-have come and gone. But in their wake, public sex locations (like restrooms), their corresponding sex codes (like winks), and their dangers (like leather-clad dudes who hang around suspiciously, pretending to “fix their glasses”) have been recorded for posterity. What remains is an online history of glory holes past, present, and policed.

Alongside the clubs, porn shops, and public parks is one particularly refined category of anonymous sex meeting places: The District of Columbia’s most prestigious universities. Delve into the online public sex histories of American, Catholic, Gallaudet, George Washington, and Georgetown, after the jump.


LOCATION: Bender Library

This AU anonymous sex tipster called out Bender Library way back in 1999, suggesting partners meet in the library’s 2nd floor bathroom, and then “hook up elsewhere.”

“Be sure to check messages in stall…only one has door,” he writes. “Wait in study room across from bathroom for guys to go in.”

Two years later, another poster took issue with the lewd characterization of AU’s main study space, writing: “PLEASE DELETE: WRONG LISTING.” Was an AU supporter attempting to clear Bender’s name through non-police avenues? Or had the original poster simply been mistaken?



LOCATION: Somewhere, anywhere.

Though the Catholic University of America has popped up frequently on Gay Universe’s D.C. cruising message board—-the school’s Pangborn Hall is a notable suggested locale—-the only link that remains unbroken is this coed’s cry for help: “Can anyone help a horny college kid out.. Im 6′-3′ 230 Short hair average build tight ass… Im looking for a dick to suck and maybe even fuck.. would love to swallow your load.” This guy’s not looking for public sex—-just any sex. Given Catholic’s reputation for hush-hush heterosexual encounters, it’s no surprise that one desperate undergrad would turn first to anonymous sex venue to locate a partner.



LOCATION: Gallaudet University Library

Sex tipsters are divided as to whether Gallaudet’s anonymous sex scene is totally dead—-or just quiet enough to encourage discrete hook-ups. “The bathroom is almost always empty! You can do it in there,” writes one poster. Another disagrees: “No action here at all. This listing should be removed.”

The library sex scene may not be very active on campus, but it’s still managed to stir up some anonymous sex bigotry. “Gallaudet is a deaf college and some deaf guys are hot!” one poster suggests. Another is bothered by a different kind of diversity: “Too many colored guys,” he writes.



LOCATION: Lauinger Library

One poster listed this Jesuit institution’s humanities, social sciences, and business library as a prime D.C. cruising spot, but don’t expect to find Georgetown’s anonymous sex history detailed in its stacks: Nowadays, the Gay Universe page listing is completely blank



LOCATION: Bell Hall; Corcoran Hall

Back in 2000, GWU’s Bell Hall was bumping. “THe 4th floor men’s room(across from the Biology Department is hot,” one sex-seeker wrote. Chimed in another: “As stated, this place is hot. Weekdays from 5pm, and weekends all day!” But be December of that year, the spot was played out. “I am a grad student at GWU,” the final poster divulged. “Seen so many arrest that I believe is my duty to alert you guys. Not worth the risk.”

The campus’ Corcoran Hall, too, has seen safer anonymous sex days. In 2000, the 1st floor Men’s bathroom, “across from faculty office,” was the place to be. “Loud door makes time for recovery. Lots of hot GW studs await at both the urinal, and the stalls!” one tipster wrote. “Hot! hot! hot! anytime of day,” another added. But by 2002, the place was being frequented by disengenuous sex-seekers “WATCH FOR UNDERCOVER COPS!!!!! ESPECIALLY ON THE WEEKENDS. I DON’T GO THERE ANY MORE, I’VE SEEN TO MANY MEN GET ARRESTED. IT’S NOT WORTH IT,” one wrote.

One poster suggested that the sting operation was the work of one leather-wearing faker. “Their is a guy who hangs around this place that always wears a black leather jacket and pretends to fix his glases. He is lean and has slicked back black hair. Watch out for this guy,” he wrote. “He is an under-cover cop. He reports what he sees to the campus police. he is not there all the time, but if you see him, leave right away.”



LOCATION: Martin Luther King Jr. Library

“Seen a lot of jacking off at the stalls here and some under the stall activity,” one tipster writes. Another gets a little more specific: “There is a bi guy 17-19 who usually wears a hat, who can suck dick good. when you see him, just wink or grab urself (or both) and follow him then he’ll take care of you. he likes clean young hung thug types. if ur white or blk, you better dress gangsta and be hung. hes usually there monday, wednesday and friday in the evening after 3p.” Wow. That guy sure had a lot of information for a guy who’s certainly not the 17-to-19-year-old bisexual guy, didn’t he?

Photo by NCinDC