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On Tuesday, I wrote a post criticizing the Huffington Post for espousing progressivism in its political coverage while exploiting women in its entertainment pages.

I’m still waiting to hear back from HuffPo on how ritual public outings of women whose clothing accidentally slips a couple centimeters keys into their liberal political identity—-though it looks like somebody over there, at least, has read the piece. In the meantime, HuffPo continues to plug away at the nipple beat. Three stories on the Entertainment page today make news out of accidental nipple:

Here we have a barely-a-celebrity in a barely-there dress. The commentary on the photo insists, “Her show may be off the air till next year, but the ‘Real Housewives of New York’ single lady and ‘Skinny Girl‘ embodiment Bethenny Frankel is making news.” Is Frankel really making news, or is the Huffington Post making the news, out of her nipples? Chicken, egg, etc.

Heather Graham‘s breasts double as weather report. I like this, because it reminds women that if they ever make a mistake by misjudging the temperature, or not realizing that their dress would go sheer under bright camera lights, or underestimating the power of HuffPo‘s “NSFW zoom,” they will be held accountable for their crimes. In case you’re curious, the poll asks, “Who would you most want to be in this picture?” The guy holding her butt is winning.

That old stand-by.

Of course, not all the entertainment stories are about nipples: