M@ of whyihatedc
M@ of whyihatedc

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It was just seven months ago that local blogger M@ joined the District haters over at Why I Hate D.C. In that time, M@’s very first post on the blog—-which detailed a fantasy jog, rape, and murder on the Memorial Bridge—-has inspired hundreds of anonymous comments threatening M@’s rape and death.

Last night, M@ was finally taken out of his misery. In a blog post published at 9:51 p.m., site administrator Dave Stroup wrote, “Due to a variety of reasons, I must report that M@ is no longer a contributor at why.i.hate.dc.” He made one of those reasons clear: “the moment that this site becomes associated with rape fantasy and all of the other bizarre circumstances surrounding some posts, is the moment something has to be done.”

M@ was the first to comment on the post.

“Well, Dave, it was time for me to quit this blog anyhow since I’m currently trying to leave the city,” he wrote. “I find it interesting that now would be the time for you to object to any content after seven months of vitriolic posting and commenting—-but I’m OK with it. I’m literally moving on….”

In a post on his personal blog titled “M@: In His Own Words,” M@ added: “Though the administrator says he can no longer be associated with my brand of writing, I really think it’s best that I no longer associate myself with hack posts about the things that so many moronic ‘D.C. Bloggers’ seem to care about.” He also took issue with Stroup’s main rationale for dumping him: “I do not fantasize about rape,” M@ wrote.

M@ isn’t the only Why I Hate D.C. contributor to move on in recent days. Marissa, who blogs at The Anti DC, recently recused herself from her Why I Hate D.C. duties, citing “out of control obnoxious comments.” In an e-mail, Stroup explained that M@’s work on the blog had been the source of distraction for the blog’s other contributors:

The mission of Why I Hate DC is to provide insightful, humorous and often subversive commentary on life in the District of Columbia. M@’s posts had strayed from this mission and as such he is no longer affiliated with the blog. This fiasco has already caused enough trouble, and distracted me from getting back to writing about Mayor Fenty and the Metro.

Back on Why I Hate D.C., other commenters bid M@ farewell:

“long overdue,” wrote heather.

“Total freakshow,” Anonymous added.

“The Lazy Iguana” chimed in with commentary on the entirety of Why I Hate D.C., comparing the Web site to this “Happy Days” clip:


In an e-mail, which he also posted as a “RELEASE” on the blog, M@ had this to say about his parting of ways with Why I Hate D.C.:

Though greatly saddened by Dave Stroup’s decision to remove me as a contributor to “Why I Hate D.C.,” I welcome the chance to pursue new challenges and opportunities.

For the most part, the readership suffers from average intelligence, incapable of understanding not only irony but nuance beyond commentary on the city’s subway system or phenomena they refer to as “douchebaggery.” My work there seems akin to hiring an M Street attorney to negotiate the sale of an ice cream cone—way too much horsepower.

Daniel Hoffman Gill, my friend, puts its best: “I find [Dave Stroup’s] ‘sacking’ of you to be totally bizarre and flawed—clearly he’s jealous—but one thing is true, he has done you a favour; that blog was a shithole of mongbats.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery