Last weekend, the Playboy Golf Scramble—-an intriguing mash-up of hot chicks, balls, and douchebags—-hit Virginia, and Metromix’s John Griffith was there to bravely cover the event.

“Ninety local [douchebags] registered to compete on Friday for an invitation to the national semi-final round in Las Vegas,” Griffith explained. “After that, the top [douches] will advance to the championships in L.A. and (more importantly) the 2009 Playboy VIP Player’s Pajama and Lingerie Mansion Party [wearing douchey satin robes].” [Douchebag emphasis mine].

When not making an LPGA lesbian joke, Griffith’s piece suggested that we take Playboy Golf “for what it is”—-a fun relaxing time for dudes to hang out!

Sure, one could argue that such events promote a regression to antiquated gender roles, but it’s probably best to just take Plaboy Golf for what it is. After all, sometimes a guy just needs to get away from it all for an afternoon and appreciate the stunning beauty of God’s natural creations (OK – maybe not always natural).

Personally, I’m going to take the Playboy Golf Scramble as an opportunity to easily identify 90 local douchebags. Thankfully, Metromix’s Playboy photo galleries double as a helpful photo catalogue of the D.C. area’s most epic local douches!

Try to identify them all in photos from the Playboy douchebag golf scramble, the Playboy Golf pre-douche at Midtown Lounge, and the Playboy Golf after-douche at Skye Lounge. Give yourself a point for every type of douche you can find. Bonus if it’s a douchebag you actually know!

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Goateed douchebag smiling stupidly on golf cart with girl in low-cut shirt.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Douchebag receiving Red Bull vodka shot from girl in low-cut shirts.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Douchebag with sunglasses on head flanked by girls in low-cut shirts with sunglasses on head.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Douchebag at party with bow tie untied.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Sea of douchebags in da club.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Douchebag in baseball cap sitting in VIP douche booth next to douche with microphone.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Douchebag taking digital photo of girls in low-cut shirts blowing kisses.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Douchebag in striped shirt clutching on to comparatively enormous woman.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Yep, the bowtie’s still untied.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Two grinning douchebags gravitationally pulled toward anonymous woman’s cleavage.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Intrepid douchebag chronicler John Griffith delving into the douchebag mind by taking photo with girls in low-cut shirts.

SPOT THAT DOUCHE: Douchebag in suspenders.

Photo by mager