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Protesters—-15 of ’em!—-who gathered outside a Late Show With David Letterman taping yesterday had a hard time finding a consistent message.

One responded to Letterman’s jokes about Sarah Palin’s daughters by suggesting that Letterman’s son, who “was born out of wedlock,” was fair game for mockery. “I believe there’s a term for that,” the protester hinted.

Another responding to Letterman’s joke about Palin dressing like a “slutty flight attendant” by suggesting that Letterman himself had “a slut for a wife.”

Yet another responded to I don’t know what by suggesting that David Letterman will “rape you with his mouth.”

Others expressed more creative gripes with the late-night comedian, or “the general sentiment that Jay Leno is a better host than Letterman.”

Also, one of them thinks Alex Rodriguez plays basketball.

Methinks these protesters may need a refresher course on how not to fight hypocrisy with hypocrisy. And also, maybe, American professional sports.