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Speaking of creepy things to do: Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Reese Witherspoon are reportedly filming in Adams Morgan today until 1:30. I don’t have time to go stalk Paul Rudd, so instead I’m stalking people stalking Paul Rudd on twitter. And repeatedly watching this Paul Rudd dancing compilation (above).

The top ten creepiest Paul Rudd in D.C. tweets—-including one from a CP staffer—-after the jump!

10. Can’t argue with this one:

adefran Wow, Paul Rudd‘s dreamy.

9.At least she didn’t pee ON him:

theresamac Holy crap. I was just 5 feet from Paul Rudd. We smiled at each other. Then I had to keep walking, lest he see me pee my pants.

8. The CP Tweet!

cernest: I wonder if I’ll be able to see Paul Rudd from my office window: http://tinyurl.com/ljqdha

7. “Mark my words” is never creepy!

MereDitty Paul Rudd/Reese/Owen Wilson were filming yesterday 3 blocks from my office and I missed them! I will see them by summers end, mark my words

6. Just “considering” at this point:

necsortenecfato Film crew on Columbia. Word on the street Paul Rudd is in the movie. Considering my stalking options.

5. What’s creepier than kissing Paul Rudd until he calls the cops?

XrisThomas @theresamac i would have kissed paul rudd had i saw him. on the lips. until he called the cops.

4. . . . referring to kissing as “putting my mouth on his mouth”

CMCrawley @necsortenecfato Let me know if you need some company stalking Paul Rudd. I want to put my mouth on his mouth.

3. Paul Rudd, a PERSON?

ejhonsa Saw Paul Rudd today on the street by Archives. It was like running into a classmate whose name you’ve forgotten. He looked like a person.

2. Ah, yes: It’s the famous and successful actor who is truly “terribly alone”:

molluskbrigade Paul Rudd passed by me on the street. He looked at me. He looked terribly alone. This is something that happened to me.

1. And the creepiest Paul Rudd tweet goes to:

rileykim Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd.. Paul Rudd..