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It’s time again for the Sexist comments of the week! Remember White & Crazy Kids, of date-rape anthem “Get Your Drink On” fame? Well, they read this thing where I called them douchebags, and wrote in to get Very Serious about how they were Just Joking.

First, let’s review some highlights of “Get Your Drink On”:

– “Blacked out getting head from a fat chick”

– “As soon as I black out, I act out” / “Five a.m. come around, I’m pulling my dick out.”

– “Patron ‘em up, and they get down to blowin’”

As you can see, the date-rape themes in “Get Your Drink On” are mostly intelligible! Which is more than I can say for the following defenses of its date-rape themes:

Jt, who is listed as a contact on the White & Crazy Kids Web site (and who may just be white and crazy enough to be in the band!) writes:

The white crazy kids is a funny hiphop group and your taking the lryic too seriously! Their going to become the biggest thing since wired al! Jk but there pretty damn good and think there better Aston r.

Beast mode writes:

This is supposed to be music u get drunk to anyway. That’s why they put a parental advisory sticker on cd’s. Quit hatn and grab ur cup.nbig

toblerone writes:

So the white and crazy kids with a song called “Get Your Drink On” rates lower on the “Date-Rape Jamology” than a song by a group named “Anal Cunts” named “You Were Too Ugly To Rape”? Ok, you and your silly blog need to shut up…now.