Earlier today, we differentiated between “real” and “fake” women with the help of an excerpt from Allan WilliamsGod Don’t Like Fake People currently being distributed on the D.C. Metro. Now, it’s the boys’ turn to determine how authentically they conform to gender norms.

Men: Are you for real, or are you fronting (and possibly gay)? Take the quiz, after the jump!


a. You don’t change around people, so-called important people or women.

b. You are a Chameleon.


a. You are the minority in this world.

b. You indirectly work for evil forces.


a. You are very tuned-in with God.

b. You will never go out in public holding a Bible.


a. You refuse to buy women.

b. You will buy a woman.


a. You will take a pay cut in employment if it’s necessary to keep your sanity.

b. You worship money and education.


a. You will stand your ground no matter what.

b. You will kill your brothers.


a. You don’t worship a female’s booty.

b. You will do anything for money, even if it’s having sex with another man.


a. you are content with a simple lifestyle.

b. you are used and controlled by beautiful women with fat booties.


a. You do not define yourself by the material possessions you have.

b. You are very corny in nature.


a. You are a leader.

b. You try to imitate rappers or any other entertainer that be on TV.


a. you are unpredictable.

b. you are predictable


a. you only need one virtuous woman in your life because that one woman is worth more than 100 ungodly whores that are only beautiful on the outside but are full of worms in the inside.

b. you define your manhood by having sex with a lot of females all throughout life. It doesn’t matter how old they are.


a. you know that fake women shop a lot and put expensive clothes and make-up on to attempt to cover up their horrifying souls.

b. you are afraid to die.


MOSTLY A’S: Congratulations! You are a real man.

MOSTLY B’S: You are a fake man who may or may not have personally annoyed the author of God Don’t Like Fake People by: stealing his love interest; valuing education; having sex with men; failing to recognize the worm-infested souls of ungodly whores. As a result, God doesn’t like you. For more information on your condition, read the entire excerpt here.

Photo by refeia, Creative Commons Attribution License