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The woman, who arrived at the bar alone, is “fascinated by human sexuality,” she tells me. Sure, she’s got theories. “Some of my ideas are pretty radical,” she insists, before flagging the bartender for another Pink Slip.

Two sex tips from a drunk person, after the jump.

ONE. What if human sexual attraction were not based upon pheromones, genetics, or parental issues, but rather “completely mundane things that we don’t even realize?”

Say you’re really into scuba diving. You feel at home in the water. Always liked aquariums. Did you ever think that the reason you are attracted to that guy with a large mouth, wide nose, and the oily skin, is because he looks like fish? Think about it.

TWO. What if human sexual attraction were not based upon pheromones, genetics, parental issues, or marine life, but rather upon the feminine or masculine qualities of one’s teeth?

Say you’re really attracted to very feminine people. Perhaps the reason you like the guy with the rippling abs, the deep voice, and the Joe Biden sensibility is because, beneath it all, he has really girly teeth?

Or say you’re the more masculine type. Perhaps you still harbor an attraction to Tom Cruise—-even knowing what we all know—-because of his extremely pronounced cuspids?

Try it out next time you’re on the prowl. First, check out your cuspids—-the longer, pointy ones toward the outsides of your smile. If you look like a vampire, you’re masculine. If your teeth appear more generically human, you’re feminine.

First, zero in on a target with the appropriately gendered teeth, depending on your sexual interest. Now, approach them and start a conversation. Maybe you could discuss with them your radical theories on human sexuality; whatever. Just make sure to keep your teeth hidden beneath your upper lip, the palm of your hand, or a medical mask. Once things have progressed to pleasant conversation, reveal your teeth to your potential mate—-preferably, dramatically. If things go well from there, your dental make-up is likely in line with your target’s gendered attraction. If your teeth bomb, it was never meant to be.

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Photo by pink sherbet photography