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Everyone is talking about Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta these days—-that sexy, post-post-feminist, drunk girl perspective-shattering sensation known colloquially as Lady Gaga. Gaga cites David Bowie, Queen, and Madonna as influences for her radio-friendly glam-pop. But after hearing her latest track, “Love Games,” (several dozen times) it seems clear to me that Gaga has, in fact, stolen the funk from a fictional Mighty Boosh merman known as Old Gregg. Listen to Old Gregg’s “Love Games,” below, and tell me if you think Lady Gaga’s “Love Game” hook does much more than drop the “s.”

Lady Gaga’s “Love Game”: “Let’s play a love game / Play a love game / Do you want love / Or you want fame / Are you in the game? / Doin’ the love game.”

Old Gregg’s “Love Games”: “Do you love me? / Are you playing your love games with me? / I just want to know what to do, ’cause I need your love a lot, oh come on now.”