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Last week’s column on ANC commissioners’ bad words, 5C Commissioner Gigi Ransom Censured Over “Potential Hate Crime”, has inspired even more incendiary speech, courtesy of the comments section.

Matt Corrigan, on why ANC personality problems should be checked at the door:

I’m in 5C and do the neighborhood walks with John Salatti. He cannot stand to be around people and not hear his own voice chattering along. When it comes to documenting, looking at things from the neighborhood’s view, keeping drains free of debris, John’s the MAN! I Encourage the public to go on the walks Thursdays @ 7pm. You can learn much about our community. John knows many homeowners by name and is demonsterably saddened when they move. Personally I can’t stand him, but as my ANC he rocks!

pacnwjay proposes a final solution to the ANC problem:

When will the good people of DC rise up and force the city (congress?) to rid them of the ANC system??? They are not only embarrassing, but constantly hinder any useful community action in the city.

Bloomingdale Resident pities the fools:

As a resident of Blomingdale who is concerned about his community and its representatives, I have three reactions to this episode.

First, anger. I am angry that my ANC, rather than using its time and energy to represent the interests of its constituents, is spending its energy on these petty squabbles that further no interests except their own petty vanities.

Second, shame. If the representatives haven’t the shame to realize how carrying these personal conflicts into the public arena makes them into poor comical parodies of themselves, then I will be ashamed for them. Children behave this way.

Third, pity. I feel sorry for the ANC members who obviously have a great deal invested in their posts, as this episode alone may be sufficient to snuff out any hope they might otherwise have for public office. I pity them the loss of potential.

daheyell_is_going_on_in_Ward4 notes that 5C isn’t the only ANC to scrape the bottom of the discourse barrel:

I agree with Kappa1911 about the power trip. ANC4B is a perfect example, and the current Chair acts like a dictator, shutting down citizens who ask questions. Their meetings can last for nearly 4 hours, as they spend a good majority of that time loudly bickering among themselves.. . . While some ANCs intend good for their constituents, this one is a dysfunctional hot mess.

And SSRes wants us all to get back on topic:

Amanda, you continue to disappoint me. So much sexism, so little sex.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery