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It’s hard out there for a rap star trying to come out with the next big sexual euphemism. Armed only with weather patterns (“make it rain”), child-friendly sweets (“lick it like a lollipop”) and whimsy (“superman that ho”), today’s hip-hop stars struggle to coin a sex term as eternal as LL Cool J‘s ultimate rap sex euphemism: “doin’ it.” These are their stories.


DEFINING MOMENT: Lil’ Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down”

UNDERLYING MEANING: There’s no true consensus on what the fuck “wipe me down” actually means. But in the tradition of Lil’ Wayne‘s “Walk It Off,” Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down” carries both sexual and non-sexual connotations. Most innocently, the phrase implies that one is “clean,” “fresh,” or otherwise “fly.” In entreating another to “wipe me down”—-as one would wipe down a newly washed car in the final stage of cleaning—-the speaker indicates that she has reached the pinnacle of freshness.

The alternate meanings of “wipe me down” concern various acts associated with blow jobs: “to suck a man or boys dick or prick,” suggests one Urban Dictionary user. Others consider a wiping down oral sex by proxy: “to give a guy a handjob by licking your hands and ‘wiping’ him down.” Still others present a more ambiguous, but clearly sexual meaning: “To be used when things go extremely well with someone or something, for example, with someone of romantic interest. To wipe him or her down is a very good time indeed.”

SHELF LIFE: Will never make it through the winter. Song kinda sucks, too.