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Now that out-of-state same-sex marriages are officially recognized in the District of Columbia, we can all finally behold the full testimony of Oxon Hill Minister Leroy Swailes, who attempted to shut down the legislation with an anti-gay tour de force. Arguments include: the positivity of discrimination; the missing link between homosexuality and bestiality; how gays will destroy the world by dismantling the process of photosynthesis [via Pandagon].

The highlights from the transcript after the jump:

* “Now when I, when I was growing up here sex was only between a male and female. Now it’s between Adam and Adam Eve and Eve which I can’t understand.”

* “If a man get with another man a woman get with another man. That’s it it’s inhuman.”

* “Cause discrimination’s a negative and a positive. Me as a black men when they discriminated against me I came out of my mother’s womb like I didn’t have a choice. That was a negative discrimination. If you discriminate against a homosexual that’s a positive. Why? Cause of the children.”

* “And you’re going to look in the eyes of a child and you’re going to tell a child that sex is between Adam and Adam Eve and Eve. You become a pedophile.”

* “These books here. These books here. When they talk about King and King. And this and this Prince (unintelligible) Prince is a pedophile book. This book here that says Heather and Heather is a pedophile book. Pedophalia. Pha-Phaillia.”

* “Everybody should have human rights but you have to be human.”

* “That’s just like oxygen comes from plants. It goes up into the air. It mix with molecules with others in the air. It comes down hit Mother Earth. When they penetrate inserts Mother Earth we have what? What. We have life. Homosexuality’d destroy us.”

* “The same sex. Which is a form of bestiality. Why is it a form of bestiality? Because a beast has four legs and one gender. If you put two men together they have four legs and two penises and still one gender. That’s a form of bestiality. That’s what we’re accepting here. If you put Adam Eve and Eve together two vaginas are still one gender. That’s a form of bestiality.”

* “We have to separate it. And when you separate something you’re discrimination. If I put a glass of water here and a glass of poison, which one you’re gonna choose? You’re gonna choose the water. That’s discrimination. If you put a heterosexual girl here and a homosexual girl here I’m going choose a heterosexual. That’s discrimination.”