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Want to be able to breast-feed in public, but not down with the boob flashing? Hundreds of inventors have patented devices to help limit public displays of mommy’s food-source.  Many: weird.

Bizarre Breastfeeding Contraption: The Breastfeeding Curtain

Patent No.: U.S. 7207070

Inventor: Swarez-Ballesteros, Eva R.

Description: ” A nursing garment and method enabling women to nurse a baby in public by covering the mothers. Maintains the breastfeeding relationship by allowing breastfeeding to occur anywhere at anytime. Provides a nursing mother a true sense of privacy and modesty, and provides a mother the added security that most nursing garments or blankets do not. The nursing garment is formed by lined lightweight material and is designed to cover the mother’s upper torso, partial back and the nursing infant. The curtain is attached around the neck of the mother by a semi-rigid annular hoop. A layer of material lies across the front panel forming a valance or curtain for added privacy. Added inside the nursing curtain is a pocket for the nursing mother to place nursing paraphernalia and attached to the pocket is a small sized sanitary cloth for the nursing infant and mother.”

Why It’s Milkable: Doubles as puppet show theater.

Why It Sucks: “The curtain is attached around the neck of the mother by a semi-rigid annular hoop.”


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