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When I first compiled my top-ten sexual euphemisms from rap songs, a few listeners weren’t convinced that all these mainstream rap ditties had such dirty double-meanings. “This is terribly researched,” wrote commenter Hocus Focus, who took umbrage at my suggestion that there may be an underlying ejaculation message in the popular strip-club refrain “make it rain.”

“‘Make it Rain” is not a sexual euphemism,” wrote Hocus Focus. No, no—-it’s just a stripping euphemism. The manufactured wetness, some argue, is nothing more than the innocent pasttime of “showering” strippers with cash—-and certainly has nothing to do with semen.

Finally, I’ve found the missing link that will prove “make it rain” is as much about genital-fluid showers as it is lucrative pole-dancing: “Wetter,” the hit summer single by Twista (and featuring Erika Shevon).

Follow the “Wetter” video along with me, and watch how “make it rain” transforms from its (still pretty sleazy!) cash-money context and into its (definitively sleazy!) cum-shower meaning.

First, “making it rain” can be interpreted as throwing cash:

0:15 —- Thunderstorm sound effects
0:24 —- Shevon asks Twista to come “make it rain” on her
0:25 —- Twista mines “making it rain” with his fingers
1:09 —- Twista informs Shevon that “when it come to makin’ it rain,” Twista could “get it wet”
1:14 —- Twista tells Shevon that he will be her “weatherman”
1:18 —- Twista hints that he sees “rain in the forecast”
1:25 —- Twista details how much cash he’s got (whew).
1:36 —- Shevon again asks Twista to “come and make it rain down on” her
1:52 —- and again.

But then, Twista begins to deviate from the cash-money context:

2:18 —- Twistaasks Shevon if she “want[s] me to get it wet in other ways.”
2:29 —- Twista clarifies that this time when he “makes it rain,” he “ain’t stoppin ’til you wet up the covers.”
—- But why, Twista? “Because I gotta keep on fuckin ’til I see a lot of white stuff.”

Oh, God, he’s talking about semen!:

2:49 —- Twista creepily mines “making it rain” over Shevon’s body.
3:34 —- Buhhhhhh, again with the thunderstorm effects!

But no, “make it rain” is not a sexual euphemism. It’s far too explicit to qualify as one of those.