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On the Daily Beast this week, Tina Brown called out President Barack Obama for keeping Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “invisible” during Obama’s recent whirlwind diplomacy tour of Earth.

Brown frames the piece—-how else?—-by a Middle-Eastern take on the “stuck in the kitchen” analogy:

The lede: “It’s time for Barack Obama to let Hillary Clinton take off her burqa.”

Followed by: A bunch of valid points from Tina Brown Brown about Clinton’s lack of visibility in the first six months of the Obama administration, and ending with:

The kicker: “You could say that Obama is lucky to have such a great foreign-policy wife. Those who voted for Hillary wonder how long she’ll be content with an office wifehood of the Saudi variety.”

While I appreciate Brown sticking up for HRC, I do wish her rhetorical stylings were a bit less offensive, and a lot less confusing. Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State. But more importantly, she is a woman! And thus her place in the Obama administration must be framed as some sort of polyamorous domestic dispute that recalls the traditional subjugation of Islamic women. Wait, what were Tina Brown’s great points again? I got distracted by all the mixed race and gender metaphors.