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So, the cutest viral wedding video of the moment—-dare you not to cry!—-is this wedding entrance dance staged to Chris Brown‘s “Forever.” Goddamnit!

Full disclosure: I was a shameless “Forever” fan before Brown became super famous for assaulting another super famous person. I still love this track—-it’s a really great pop song. And fuck, because the unbearable cuteness of this wedding video only helps re-establish Brown as a swoon-worthy romantic authority instead of a guy who beats up his girlfriend.

I can see why some people might experience a little bit of cognitive dissonance watching the adorableness of the video while listening to the musical stylings of a domestic abuser. What I can’t understand is why Jive Records would little get upset over this!

Apparently, the record label has taken issue with the use of the song in the widely-circulated video. They should be sending newlyweds Jill and Kevin an autographed Chris Brown headshot; as MTV blogger Tamar Anitai points out, this little piece of publicity is “the most redeeming thing Chris Brown has done in months, albeit indirectly.”