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My first foray into Sexist Art History took a look at some sexist interpretations of Judith Leyster‘s 400-year-old The Proposal (pictured).  Some historians saw the painting as “a powerful image of temptation and resistance.” I see it as “a rapey dude in a mustache and a fur hat who ain’t gettin’ anywhere.” What did you see, dear commenters?

kza says:

How is he rapey? Just becase he got turned down? Many women have declined my offers for money in exchange for sex but I never raped any of them. Stop being racist against johns!

Amanda Hess says:


mdesus says:

can’t a girl just be coy anymore?

kza says:

Yes. The race of guys who go ‘hookin. We’re a different breed. Don’t player hate on us.

Dave says:

Can’t a guy buy some needlepoint in a dingy pub anymore?