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At the moment, Diane isn’t working alone. She has grown a sidekick. He leans against her white Mercedes SUV,  mumbling shit in her ear about another sex worker he calls “Blondie.” Blondie just appeared on the block, too. It must be fate.

Is she all woman? He wants to know.

Diane assures him. Blondie is all woman.

He tells me his name is Bentley. He says he is 25 and has spent his entire previous day getting high in his home off Benning Road. He looks too athletic to be a drug addict. But as he talks about his high, stroking his goatee, he actually gets wistful about his last 24 hours.

Bentley had dropped hints that he would really like to smoke some more PCP. But now, he’s crushing hard on Blondie. He takes a seat on a concrete slab and watches her walk across K Street in his direction.

Blondie gets as far as Diane and her SUV.

“You got some money for me?” Blondie asks Bentley.

“How much,” he asks.


“I’ll give you $40,” he says.

This gets no response from Blondie.

“I’ll give you $25,” Bentley says.

“For what?” Blondie asks.

“I’ll give you $25 and I’ll put an E pill in your butt,” Bentley says. His final offer.

This gets no response.

“You don’t want a little E pill in your butt?” Bentley asks. He then turns to me to explain: “White girls like E pills in their butts.” He says he heard this from an actual white girl. “Black girls don’t know about it.”

Tonight, there’s a very good chance they will still not know about it.