Diane wants one more blowjob before she goes home. She had set a goal of making $100 for the night. She’d made $50 from one customer an hour earlier. She just needs one more dude to roll up and take an interest in her sales pitch.

Diane never fucks for money. She only sucks dick. If she’s going to suck dick, she’s going to insist that her customer’s dick wears a condom. This may severely limit her earning potential, but it keeps her relatively safe. Condoms can tear inside you. At least if she’s sucking dick, she can spot a broke condom right away.

Diane adjusts her hot pink shorts, pulling them down for a moment to reveal all of her fancy gray panties. She then poses against her white Mercedes SUV like she’s a calender model. By far, Diane has more going for her than most of the other girls. She doesn’t have a gut. The tattoo on her arm has almost faded away. Her eyes are bright. Her lipstick is perfect.

Diane has been in the trade since she was a teenager. She knows how to come to her job prepared. Unlike the other girls, she isn’t constantly haggling for a cigarette. She brings her own and keeps them locked in her Mercedes. When she wants a smoke, she unlocks her SUV and takes one from the front seat.

During her downtime, Diane says she’ll talk on her phone or watch a DVD in her Mercedes. She says she already watched Hancock and the new Transformers movie “which was some bullshit.”

“It was too fucking long,” Diane says. “It didn’t start getting good until the end. And 395 started getting backed up.” She had to split too much of her time between the traffic and the Transformer battles.

Diane doesn’t need to be here. She says she’s been married for nine years. He also works nights. “He don’t know what I do,” she says. “My house phone transfers to my cellphone. I know every time he calls.”

Diane adds that she has a day job as a nurse at an old-age home. She wanted to start her own bakery and got as far as filling out paperwork on North Capitol Street. She admits she has trouble following through on things. “I’m a good baker,” she says.

Before Diane wanted to be a baker, she wanted to be an actress.

Diane has been a sex worker for about 10 years. Before the luxury condos, bright grocery store and trendy coffee shop moved in, the area used to be a real hang-out spot. 600 K Street wasn’t just a stroll. The block had a party atmosphere when she started coming around. Not every girl was a sex worker. But soon, she couldn’t help but notice the bills changing hands.

When Diane first started working, she used her earnings for clothes and accessories—-what she calls “fashion.” Then she started using PCP. The money could more than cover her habit. She says the night of a Howard homecoming was her best—-she made $2,500. But some nights are just a lot of standing around leaning suggestively against a Mercedes SUV.

Some nights have ended in arrest. Diane says she has been clean since March 12. She had gotten a prostitution charge and had to submit to drug testing. That was enough. She realized she could go without the drug. She could even watch her husband smoke up right in front of her in their living room. It doesn’t bother her.

Diane says she now uses her blowjob money to pay bills. Her only real worry is HIV/AIDS. Even that might have an upside. “I could deal with it,” she explains. “That might be the breakthrough in my life. Like God could have a big blessing for you. You got to go through [something] to see the light.”