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This Capitol Hill residence, generally called Fellowship House, produces more sleaze per square foot than any dwelling this town has ever known.

Its tenants  show up on the scandal sheets as sure as USC quarterbacks show up in the NFL.

For more than half a century, the house has been owned and operated by The Family, a secretive clique of right-wing men of the cloth and men of the Congress. Either the structure itself or the landlords suck the righteousness right out of anybody who calls it home.

Only a fraction of what we’ll eventually know about what goes on behind closed doors here has come out yet. But this much is already certain: Show me a recently disgraced Republican, and I’ll show you somebody who did hard time at Fellowship House.

Gov. Mark Sanford? Yup, long before he hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Buenos Aires to have fellowship and hopefully go bang-bang-bang with his soul mate, then-Rep. Sanford was railing righteously about the need to impeach Bill Clinton for sexual relationsish activities.

Sen. John Ensign? And how! Ensign enlisted some roommates, including Sen. Tom Coburn, to help him break it off with a concubine/campaign aide from back in Nevada. After the Ensign adultery scandal broke, Coburn refused to discuss what role he played in funneling hush money to Ensign’s strange, claiming doctor/patient privilege.

Coburn’s a gynecologist!

Rep. Chip Pickering? You know it’s true! According to a lawsuit filed by Pickering’s pissed wife Leisha, the five-term Mississippi Republican started re-bootying with an old college flame while living at the Fellowship House.

Since nobody’s talking about living conditions, we can only imagine what kind of parties this Family throws. Just from reading the papers about all the moral turpitude, I gotta figure they’re a lot like the bashes thrown back in the day by the Manson Family, minus the cool music and clothes.