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The Lucky Bar waitresses and bartenders know their clientele, and they know when they’ve stopped by for more than just a rum and coke and a cheeseburger.  

Wanna meet a Lucky lady? Here’s a guide to when you should show up. Numbers rank hook-up potential on a scale of 1-10 (with help from a panel of three waitresses and one female bartender.)


Hook-up potential is high because it’s salsa dancing night baby!   With all that hip action, touching, and partner swapping, watching the salsa regulars is like watching Lucky Bar’s own Grey’s Anatomy. “You see the changing relationships,” says one waitress. But beware: There are salsa night playas. Look out for the guy with the big diamond earring! 

Tuesday Night-2

“You’ll meet someone with wing juice all over their hands,” says Kelly H. Tuesday is 25 cent wing night—-10 wings for $2.50, according to the website. Hook-up potential’s low, although you never know what might go down after 12 a.m. with $3 Yuenglings. 

Wednesday Night-2

Ditto as Tuesday, except tonight the deal is half-price burgers. “A big hunk of meat with your big hunk of man,” says Kelly H.

Thursday Night-8

On Thursdays, Lucky Bar really caters to its “niche market:” People who want to get drunk to pop music and old hip-hop—-“Warren G. and all your favorite hits straight out of Compton,” says Kelly H. It used to be sooooo easy to get soooo drunk soooo cheaply. It still is—-but for a tad more now. “It was too good to be true,” says one waitress. Budweisers and rail drinks went up from $2 to $3 on July 4. 

Friday Night-8

 Once the weekend gets rolling, you will hook-up if you want—-and if you’re a lady. For people with boobs, the hook-up potential is at its highest: 10. For people without boobs, you’re looking at about a 6. Our esteemed panel of waitresses would know—-they’ve all dated customers at one point or another. The bartender standing before me met her husband here in 2004. They got married last year. 

Saturday Night-8

Kind of like Friday. But the bar fills up later and there are marines from Quantico. 


Sunday’s when the cheaters come out. Sometimes, old flames are reuniting. Other times, it’s just good, old-fashioned, alcohol-fueled adultery. “You hear little snippets of conversation” says Kelly H., or you can see that “What am I doing here? What am I doing here—-this is wrong” look on their faces. “There was one couple that was in here—-The girl was drinking citron and sprite, the guy was drinking Captain (Morgan) and coke. The girl got kind of drunk and told me the story: She said ‘Oh that’s my boyfriend calling. I’m not supposed to be here, especially with my ex boyfriend.'”