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R&B singer Jeremih, self-proclaimed “Mr. Birthday Sex himself,” wants to make sure that D.C. youth remember to have safe sex (and listen to Jeremih’s hit single, “Birthday Sex”). In this PSA recorded for the local “Street Wize Foundation,” Jeremih inserts some safe-sex messages over the, uh, sex messages of “Birthday Sex.”

A sample: “You know, I might be doing my Birthday Sex thing, it’s cross-promoting and all, but I just want to make sure that if you all choose to do what you all do, make sure you all keep it safe in the streets, man. Make sure y’all strap up and you know, just keep it safe, y’all.”

This would be completely awesome—-did I mention he’s promoting safe sex and “Birthday Sex” in front of a wall of sneakers?—-except for one unfortunate ad-lib. Jeremih tells D.C. teens “strap twice if you got to.” Unfortunately, I’m a fucking decrepit snail compared to R&B sensation Jeremih—-have you all heard his new hit single, “Birthday Sex”?—-so no teen in the world is going to listen to me when I say DO NOT STRAP TWICE, KIDS. Someone cool please relay that message to the youth of America.