There’s not much of a silver lining to Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino‘s recent legal troubles. Quick recap: in 2003, the married father-of-five met a woman at a restaurant, had sex with her (there), and paid for her abortion; the woman then attempted to extort him for millions of dollars. But buried inside the ESPN report on the saga is this unlikely meet-cute story:

Police records obtained by the Courier-Journal show that, according to Pitino, the then Karen Cunagin approached him in a Louisville restaurant where he had been drinking on Aug. 1, 2003, and the two had sex later that night.

. . . Pitino told police that Cunagin Sypher called him about two weeks after the initial encounter and said that she was pregnant. They arranged to meet at the condominium of Louisville strength coach Tim Sypher, whom she did not know at that time but would later marry.

Cunagin and Sypher married six months after the meeting. Then, she demanded “cars, tuition for her children and finally $10 million” from Pitino. Then, she was indicted for extortion. Then, she reported that Pitino had raped her. Now, “Cunagin Sypher and Tim Sypher are now estranged and divorce proceedings have been initiated.” Which is a shame, because I know we were all really pulling for those kids.