I hadn’t heard of Pick-Up Artist Ray Gordon until he hopped over to the Sexist to defend the seduction community industry against charges of misanthropy. Boy, am I glad he stopped by.

According to his Web site, Ray Gordon—-author of “Outfoxing the Foxes” and “29 Reasons Not to be a Nice Guy“—-is not just any member of the seduction community. He is, he writes, “the reason it exists!” In case you care, that claim is “completely verifiable.

Anyway, Ray Gordon is pissed because he totally created the art of picking up women, but he hasn’t been rewarded with the requisite VH-1 Reality Show and elaborate collection of Dr. Seuss hats:

If you are at all familiar with the “community,” you are probably already using my theory without realizing it. Ever use a pivot? I debuted it in 29 Reasons Not To Be A Nice Guy. Neil Strauss and VH-1 both parroted the term, but neglected to attribute it to me (how nice of them). Other contributions of mine include gimmicks (particularly psychic gimmicks), reverse-timetables, returning fox, one-and-done, the “spontaneous date” (where you invite her along rather than asking her out), and many other ideas my readers are well aware came from me.

All those famous Pick-Up Artists have stolen Ray Gordon’s game. And now they’re trying to steal your money, using Ray Gordon’s secrets!:

Now let me let you in on a secret of the onilne “gurus” and how they get laid. Student-Funded Game: The gurus use the money you give them, and their status as “gurus,” to get the women they tell you to get with material they don’t even use themselves! Put another way:

Women want leaders of men, not followers of some internet guru. . . . Many “seduction gurus” would be stocking aisles at a grocery store with the sexuall-addicted, easily-conned men who feed them thousands of dollars in desperation.

All of which is by way of saying: just buy Ray Gordon’s new book for $50,000. Get it while it lasts—-there’s only one (unrefundable) copy in existence.