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But if we let people kiss people, what’s next? Dogs kissing people?

Tomorrow afternoon, between 2 p.m. and 2:05 p.m., people are to gather together to kiss each other. Locally, the kissing will occur between 3rd and 4th Streets on the National Mall. Men and women are invited to kiss partners male or female. Singles may signal their interest in claiming a last-minute kissing partner by wearing the color green. The purpose of the event is to demonstrate that kissing is a “beautiful sign of affection between two people that is as old as time itself,” and also, to stick it to the homophobes.

Here’s what the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality has to say about the event:

Folks, this Saturday, August 15th, homosexual activists will be wielding their deviant sexuality like a weapon on the unsuspecting public in locales across the country. Interesting. Somehow I don’t think Blacks — especially those with a strong moral foundation — will see this as a progression of the noble civil rights movement. I’m most concerned about the children who will be exposed to this obnoxious event after their parents unwittingly stumble upon a “kiss-in.”

Booga-booga, guys. The Americans For Truth About Homosexuality also provide a handy list of national locations for the “Great Nationwide Kiss-In,” ostensibly so that parents might avoid the dreaded “Mommy, why do you despise and resent gay people so much?” conversation. Umm . . . we’ll tell you when you’re older.

Find your city below.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, at the Civic Center Plaza

Facebook event page for Albuquerque:

ATHENS, GA, at the UGA Arch, UGA North Campus Quad along Broad Street

Facebook event page for Athens:

ATLANTA, GA, Piedmont Park (exact location, TBD)

Facebook event page for Atlanta:

BOSTON, MA, at the Boston Common, between Park Street MBTA station and the State House

Facebook event page for Boston:

CARBONDALE, IL, at the Town Square Pavilion

Facebook event page for Carbondale:

CHAMPAIGN/URBANA, IL, at the intersection of Green & 6th Sts. in Champaign

Facebook event page for Champaign/Urbana:

CHARLOTTE, NC, at Freedom Park, near 1900 East Boulevard

Facebook event page for Charlotte:

CHICAGO, IL, at the Cloudgate Sculpture/”The Bean” in Millennium Park – sponsored by Join the Impact Chicago

Facebook event page for Chicago:

CHICAGO/OAK PARK, IL, at Scoville Park, the NW corner of Oak Park Av. and Lake St.

Facebook event page for Chicago/Oak Park:

CINCINNATI, OH, at Fountain Square, downtown, 5th & Vine

Facebook event page for Cincinnati:

COLUMBUS, OH, at Goodale Park, on Buttles Ave. – contact information TBA

Facebook event page for Columbus:

DALLAS, TX, in the West End, in Rosa Parks Plaza, at Lamar and Elm

Facebook group page for Dallas:

DENVER, CO, at the 16th St. Mall, at Glenarm – sponsored by Soulforce in Colorado

Facebook event page for Denver:

DURANGO, CO (private event), at the wedding of Estella Moore & Brad Bartlett

EDMONTON, AB (CANADA), by the big fountain in front of the legislature building

Facebook event page for Edmonton:

ERIE, PA, on the steps of the Erie County Courthouse – sponsored by the Erie Gay News

Facebook event page for Erie:

FAYETTEVILLE, AR, at the plaza between the square and Town Center – sponsored by the NWA Center for Equality

Facebook event page for Fayetteville:

HOUSTON, TX, Discovery Green, 1500 McKinney St.

Facebook event page for Houston:

IOWA CITY, IA, on the pedestrian mall in front of Donnelly’s Pub – sponsored by Iowa City Pride

Facebook event page for Iowa City:

IRVINE, CA, meet in front of Steelhead Brewery, 4175 Campus Drive

Facebook event page for Irvine:

2nd Irvine event in conjunction with Orange County Pride Picnic, at 2pm local time:

LITTLE ROCK, AR, location, TBD

Facebook event page for Little Rock:

LOS ANGELES/SANTA MONICA, CA: 3rd Street Promenade at Arizona, near Farmers’ Market in Santa Monica – sponsored by Love Honor Cherish

Facebook event page for Los Angeles/Santa Monica:

MADISON, WI – location, TBD

Facebook event page for Madison:

NEW HAVEN, CT, on the Green

Facebook event page for New Haven:

NEW YORK CITY, Battery Park (exact location, TBD)

Facebook event page for NYC:

NORMAL, IL, in front of City Hall, 100 E. Phoenix Ave.

Facebook event page for Normal:

PARKERSBURG, WV, at the Parkersburg City Park, in front of the band shelter

Facebook event page for Parkersburg:

PHILADELPHIA, PA, in LOVE Park, at 16th St. and JFK Boulevard

Facebook event page for Philadelphia:

PHOENIX, AZ, at the end of the Arizona Right To Marry’s 97-mile walk for marriage equality, on the lawn of the Arizona State Capitol Building

Facebook event page for Phoenix:

PHOENIX/TEMPE, AZ, at the Arizona Mills Mall Food Court in Tempe

Facebook event page for Phoenix/Tempe:

PITTSBURGH, PA, at 1000 Penn Avenue, on the public space right in front of the Westin portico/driveway on 10th, between Liberty Ave and Penn Ave – organized by Jeremy Hooper of the blog, Good As You, and endorsed by the Netroots Nation Event

Facebook group page for Pittsburgh:

Website with additional information:

PORTLAND, OR, at Pioneer Courthouse Square, SW 6th & SW Yamhill St.

Facebook event page for Portland, OR:

RICHMOND, VA, location TBD – Mackenzie Ellis

Facebook event page for Richmond:

RIVERSIDE/INLAND EMPIRE, CA, at Riverside Plaza, at Central and Riverside Aves. (exit Central off the 91 Freeway) – sponsored by Equality Inland Empire

Facebook event page for Riverside:

ST. LOUIS, MO, in front of City Hall – sponsored by F.O.L.K.

Facebook event page for St. Louis:

SAIPAN, NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS, at the Minachom Atdao Pavilion, across the Ada Gym

NOTE: Local time for this event is Sunday, August 16, 4 a.m.

Facebook event page for Saipan:

SALT LAKE CITY, UT in Washington Square

Facebook event page for Salt Lake City:

SAN DIEGO, CA, Manchester Grand Hyatt, 1 Market Place

Facebook event page for San Diego:

SAN FRANCISCO, Union Square, Powell Street

Facebook event page for San Francisco:

SAN JOSE, CA, at City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara Street

Facebook event page for San Jose:

SANTA BARBARA, CA, on Pardall Rd in Isla Vista – sponsored by UCSB Votes No on Prop 4 and Prop 8!

Facebook event page for Santa Barbara:

TORONTO, ON (CANADA) – location, TBD – Aaron Hewitt – see Facebook event for contact info.

Facebook event page for Toronto:

TULSA, OK, at the Oklahomans for Equality HQ, 621 East 4th Street, sponsored by Oklahomans for Equality

Facebook event page for Tulsa:

Go to their website for more details:

WASHINGTON D.C., on the National Mall, between 3rd and 4th Sts.

Facebook event page for Washington D.C.:

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