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This week on the Sexist, people who play kickball thought I “need a good f’ing,” presumably with “the busted dildo [I] inherited from [my] older sister.” (Maybe I should try this guy?). Anyway, thanks for taking the time out of your busy fucking schedules to read my blog post, guys!

1. Adult Kickball Is More About Fucking Than Kicking. Promise.

2. Reddit User Calls Girlfriend A Bitch On Reddit, Can’t Understand Why She Hates Reddit (and Him). A parable for our times.

3. D.C. Bathroom Signs: Ignored By Many, Hated By Few, Expensive, and Possibly Illegal. Find something to be offended about in the comments!

4. Rape Prevention Tips: Stay Inside or Die a Horrible Death. AND ALWAYS CARRY AN UMBRELLA.

5. Why Pick-Up Game Hurts Everyone Except the Guy Shilling Books, who suffers silently in his mansion built from babes.

Photo by santarosa OLD SKOOL