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This week on the Sexist, a post about pick-up artistry revealed what women really want: a man who “knows how to refuse to compromise on goat cheese.” Or do they really just want some sausage? (Personally, I prefer pineapple). The pizza-as-indicator-of-manliness debate gets heated in the comments:

From Plethora of Pinatas:

You don’t like goat cheese on your pizza at Two Amys? While a beta would keep quiet and acquiese in order to appease his date, an alpha would refuse to order it. The difference between an alpha and a weirdo is that the alpha knows how to refuse to compromise on goat cheese and make her laugh about it at the same time.

From jules:

Right. Order whatever you fucking want on your pizza. But be fucking nice to me. I never said I wanted a fucking doormat.

From Plethora of Pinatas:

Haha, thanks for being so honest Jules! Now I won’t have to waste any money or time with you over dinner just to find out you’re a frigid bitch in bed.

From Darrow Montgomery:

Everyone should order their own pizza at 2Amy’s and some starters, which may be shared.

From jules:

right. missionary only. I hope you come quickly because I’ve never had an orgasm in my life and I don’t want to waste much time. Thnx.

From Plethora of Pinatas:

See Jules, you made my point. You don’t want a nice guy, you want someone who will tell you like it is. I insult you and you tell me to make it quick. Can I still try for your first orgasm though?

From Mrs. D:

If a guy ever flat-out refused to take a suggestion of mine without even a discussion of compromise (referring to the goat cheese incident), I would drop him like a bad habit. Just to pose a hypothetical: what if she suggested goat cheese, and you vetoed that, but then you suggested sausage, and she said she didn’t like sausage? I’m willing to bet you would ignore that, as well, and get the sausage anyway (probably promising her that she’ll like it, like a mom does to her 6-year-old). Life is about compromise, not being a selfish prick. And that’s what you self-proclaimed “pick-up artists” are, selfish pricks.

Photo byfoodistablog