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Allegations of Discrimination at Tastee Diner, Silver Spring MD from Tastee Diner on Vimeo.

Yesterday, Aiyi’nah Ford and Torian Brown staged a gay rights protest at Silver Spring’s Tastee Diner after being ejected from the restaurant, they say, for girlfriend-on-girlfriend hugging. Now, Tastee Diner has responded to Ford and Brown’s discrimination claim by posting a security video of the couple on the Internet. The video is . . . blurry.

“On August 12, a couple sat just inside the front door of the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring, Maryland, and with their bodies pressed up against each other, engaged in behavior that is normally considered inappropriate regardless of gender or sexual orientation,” the video claims. “This video is a short version showing one burying her face in the other’s breasts. The couple was asked to tone it down, but responded angrily, so they were asked to leave.”

See those two faceless, dark-gray round things there, in the middle of this beautiful 4:CAM4 shot? Those are Ford and Brown’s heads. Allegedly. Watch as they bobble frighteningly close to one another! Observe how one dark-gray round thing appears to be dangerously lower than the other—-even approaching breast (or is it shoulder?) level! Shield your eyes as an older male employee approaches the scene . . . and watches it!

Well. Now that the evidence is all in, I think we can all agree that whatever whoever those people are are doing, it needs to be “toned down.” And I’m sure Tastee Diner would say that about any gender or sexual orientation of faceless dark-gray round thing that entered its establishment.