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Last weekend, Time Magazine declared Georg Gänswein, Pope Benedict’s personal secretary, a “heartthrob.” Over the course of the piece, Time sketched a profile of the 51-year-old adviser to the pontiff using the following descriptors:


Gänswein, who is known to locals as “Bel Georgio” or “Gorgeous Georg,” is also described in the magazine as possessing both “glamour” and “bravura.” Yep: He’s the dude on the left with the sash. Sure, he’s pretty good-looking guy. But is he really a scene-stealing dirty-blonde paragon of athletic and ethical bravura?

You decide:

– Gänswein looking coy
– Gänswein looking carefree
– Gänswein looking concerned
– Gänswein looking deep into your eyes

Despite Time‘s extended praise of Gänswein’s other-worldly good looks, I suspect that there’s an ulterior motive to most of the fawning. There’s only one reason you dub a celibate priest with a nickname like “Georgeous Georg”: You think he’s totally gay. The other nickname Vatican residents have bestowed upon Gänswein, “Gay-Org,” is less subtle.

Photo via Wikipedia Commons