In the wake of the fallout from his inane masters thesis degrading women and homosexuals, it’s nice to see Virginia gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell offering something just for the ladies: A handsome magenta bumper-sticker, yours for only $0.99.

Alas, there is not yet any conciliatory  “Gay for McDonnell” campaign merch to speak of. The McDonnell for Governor online store does, however, offer up a host of campaign materials for McDonnell supporters of every other conceivable interest group—-including hunters, paramedics, and babies. All of which, I’m betting, are much more likely to feel McDonnell’s message than are the ladies.

There’s Hunters for McDonnell:

Paramedics for McDonnell:

Golfers for McDonnell:

Under-socialized children for McDonnell:

Sauna enthusiasts for McDonnell:

Babies for McDonnell:

And for the low price of $54.99, you can even become a Chump for McDonnell:

Oh, C’mon Bob: That seductive Life Size Right Wing Wall Cling is just screaming for the votes of ladies and gays!