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Last week on the Sexist, Tucker Max fans defended their leaders against charges of misogyny (wait: I thought that was the point?), PETA “banned” itself again, and I made fun of girls who make fun of dude’s penises. Technically, this list does not include the week’s actual top five most popular blog posts, because a lot of people Googled their way over to this Glenn Beck post again, but I’m not counting it because fuck that guy.

1. Spot Your Local Tucker Max Douchebag!, in which calling other people “douchebags” makes me a douchebag, and possibly a rapist in some states!

2. Pam Anderson and PETA Release Another Banned Video, in which Pam is too hot for TV, but juuust riiight for YouTube.

3. The Rapiest Quotes From I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, in which, oh great that guy again!

4. How the AP Styleguide Fails Transgender Subjects, in which an AP reporter attempts a “he said, she said” version of a transgender profile.

5. Could A CDC Circumcision Recommendation Inspire More Penis Ignorance?, in which grown women who attend Sex & the City bus tours are not the best source of accurate sexual health information.

Photo by freeparking, CC by 2.0