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Tucker Max‘s message board has launched a Photoshop competition for the best reimagined protest signs from the “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” protests. Creative Max devotees are working off images from the film tour’s photostream in order to ridicule students from the NC State women’s center, which staged a Raleigh protest of the film. Predictably, the submissions are sexist (above). Since this is a contest to ridicule people who care about rape, sexism is to be expected. So why are the submissions so racist?

You can view all of the submissions here. I agree with some of Max’s defenders that “Tucker Max culture” encourages a hatred of pretty much everyone—-not just women, fat women, or black people, but also white men who Max considers douchey. I don’t agree, however, that it hates everyone equally.

Some of Max’s fans have championed his committment to women’s rights because he believes that “women should be able to make their own choices.” Yes—-Max believes that women should be allowed to choose just as much crazy drunken sex as he does. Except that when those women choose that path, they are publicly embarrassed, reduced to the size of their vaginas, and literally vomited upon for doing so, while Tucker Max is held up as a hero (albeit a hero who admits, jokingly or not, to hate himself).

But at least thin, white, able-bodied women are allowed that one choice: They can choose not to have sex, and be ignored; or they can choose to have as much sex as they want, and be labeled a “whore”. As the Photoshop contest shows, fat women and black men and women aren’t afforded that privilege among Max’s fans: their size and race is reason enough to bring on the hate.