Manhunt,” an online cruising network for men, has been quietly compiling its users’ penis lengths since the site added “cock size” as a Manhunt profile feature. Now, the work has finally paid off, in a penis graph. And D.C. Manhunt users have been awarded the longest penis on that penis graph!

According to Manhunt user data, D.C. men-seeking-men reported Manhunt’s largest penis sizes, with an average length of 7.59 inches. (Girth, as usual, gets the short end of the penis graph). D.C.’s neighbors reported slightly smaller averages: Marlyand users reported an average of 7.27 inches, carrying the state to 24th nationwide.Virginia, which reported penises one-tenth of an inch shorter than Maryland’s Manhunters, measured in at 38th. Every state’s online gay penises are longer than Alaska’s, which came in dead last with an average reported length of 6.34 inches. Meaning that the one dude in Alaska with a Manhunt account has a 6.34 inch penis.

The Houston Press hypothesizes that D.C.’s penis graph dominance can be attributed to either “the racial stats on DC’s population” or “politician joke.” It’s a penis graph! It’s gotta mean something!