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Ashley Madison, the online social network for men and women seeking extra-marital affairs, has had trouble landing its advertisements (above) on television and radio. So they’ve dumped their pro-cheating ads on the side of Remy Santiago‘s gasoline truck. On Friday, Santiago’s cheatin’ truck rolled through D.C., and settled in one location for about an hour. So what’s the most cheating-amenable intersection in Washington?

When Santiago’s month-long roll across the country for Ashley Madison hit D.C., he parked the affair-mobile on the corner of Florida Ave. & North Capital Street—-right in the heart of my neighborhood. Silly me: I thought Ashley Madison’s target demo would hang out just a liiiiittle further south on North Capitol. Maybe Santiago just wanted a cappuccino?

Good thing I’m not married, and thus cannot be convinced to engage in an extra-marital affair by walking past a really big truck! Many of my neighbors are not so lucky.

But even married folks of Bloomingdale and Eckington may be proven immune to the effects of Walking Past a Really Big Truck. Santiago, who is married, has been trucking billboard-sized phrases like “Life Is Short, Have An Affair” and “Have An Affair, Anywhere” for weeks now, and he claims he hasn’t been swayed to cheat himself. Besides, Florida & North Cap is far from the cheatiest corner of the U.S.:The truck driver told Fox 5 he “found the most positive responses in Detroit.”