“What’s up guys?” writes the “very masculine” bisexual white male, before getting down to business:

“[I’m] looking for other masculine buds out there who wear jockstraps,” this Baltimore Craigslist poster writes (warning: possibly NSFW photos of dudes posing in jockstraps). The poster, who runs an amateur jockstrap photo blog, is looking for any guy “into showing-off and taking pics in their jocks,” including:

* “Ex HS/college jocks”

* “military jocks”

* “guys who get jocked up for a weekend softball game or a trip to the gym”

* “lean/muscular/beefy” jocks

* “straight/bi/gay” jocks

* “any age” jock

* “doesn’t really matter, just look good in your jockstrap” jocks.

I have noted the parallels between the term “jock” (a person) and “jockstrap” (an accessory for that person’s genitalia) before. Perhaps the association has caused this blog administrator to conflate “guys who wear jockstraps” with “guys into wearing jockstraps” here. Because if self-identifying as a “high school jock” actually signals one’s interest in strapping on a jock for some Internet photography dude, I wildly misunderstood the social dynamics at my high school. Let’s just call jockstrap porn jockstrap porn, shall we? This amateur jockstrap pornographer ain’t looking for guys who like to jock up for a weekend softball game. He’s looking for jocks willing to jock up for him.