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Maryland Citizens for Responsible Government is a conservative group which opposes gender identity protections in the state. The group’s president, Ruth Jacobs, says stuff like: ““If somebody with an opposite body part is allowed in to a ladies’ restroom—a guy who has a penis, who could put his penis inside my vagina—what am I to do?” The group’s recent written materials, too, strike that special blend of horror, humor, and confusion.

Horrific: In a recent flier, the group refers to Human Rights Campaign staffer Allyson Robinson—-a transgender female—-as a “male transsexual.” I’m beginning to think that these people just indiscriminately pick a gender, tack on a trans term, and run with it:

The flier then attempted to point supporters to the group’s anti-transgender Web site, notmyshower.com—-but accidentally sent readers to notmyshower.net:

Hey, I wonder what notmyshower.net is all about?

Would you rather spend an evening wading through right-wing materials on the sanctity of traditional bathroom arrangements, or a German party casino? Downloaden!

As Jim Kennedy points out at Teach the Facts, this bill was passed a year ago.Live in the now!