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The University of Maryland women’s soccer team has earned an interesting new sideline chant: “Do Her.” The saying, promoted by Sophomore bio-engineering student Chris Dupuis (the guy in the face-paint), is also the name of the team’s fan base. They made T-shirts.

“Do Her,” Dupuis explains, is “a word that means that when they’re going down the field, and you want them to do a move so they can get by the opponent, or make the opponent look silly or embarrassed, you just yell, ‘Do Her!’ and they’ll go right by.” Thankfully, Dupuis anticipated alternate interpretations of the term:

The back of the T-shirts reads, “‘Do Her’ is not a sexual reference, but rather a skilled move that enables progress down the filed of play.” This guy is awesome.

Watch the UMD Diamondback‘s “Do Her” video coverage here: