Why aren’t there more female marijuana activists, Marijuana Policy Project employee Laura Greenback asks in High Times. Ooh! Pick me! I know the answer!

It’s not that women don’t like smoking weed. We do. And it’s not that we don’t care about the ass-backwards war on drugs—-despite Greenback’s fears, half of the MPP’s top staff are women. It’s not that there are too few pop-culture stoner females, as Double X suggests—-though we’re getting warmer!

Women don’t identify with marijuana activism because weed culture is dude culture. On the surface, a lot of the trappings of weed culture are coed-ready: women, too, can get high, blast Phish, play hacky sack, and stuff miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups into our faces. But even if we’re allowed to strap on a fucking hemp necklace and toke up with the boys, we will still have to deal with the tits. Let’s check out the advertising paired with Greenback’s piece:

There’s the sexy vaporizer shot (above). There’s the weed bikini shot (below):

And then there’s this:

Seriously? Pot vagina? No strength of medicinal could calm the nausea that ad just inspired.

Here’s what these advertisements say to women: Weed isn’t for you. It’s for men. (Also for men? Your boobs). And the targets of those advertisements—-high school and college guys—-often echo those misogynist attitudes.  You know what’s even more annoying than a misogynist? A misogynist who is high out of his mind. No wonder we tend to skip the pot rallies.

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