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Barbara Walters‘ Twitter feed is better than ours because, unlike our own worthless personal updates, Walters can honestly answer “What are you doing?” by invoking Paul McCartney, Mayor Bloomberg, and “stamina.” The top 10 absurd updates from @BarbaraJWalters:

10. Barbara knocks out the personal and the professional in under 140 characters.

9. I love how Barbara calls what she does “making news.”

8.  So . . . what are you doing? Yeah, me too.

7. This is more like it:

6. Ow!

5. Happy, but . . .

4. Hehe!

3. Which is cuter: Barbara Walters’ honesty, or her spelling? Trick question: The periods in the middle of a sentence are the cutest!

2. I’m sure “touching” doesn’t mean what I initially thought it meant here.

1. Why waste a Tweet on one thought alone?

Hat tip: I started following Walters on Twitter after being introduced to her 140-character insights through Tracie Egan‘s Tweet Beat.You can follow Tracie on Twitter here.