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Today, Washington Post NFL site The League took up the issue of misogyny in professional cheerleading:

I was really impressed that the Post chose to ask its seven resident football bloggers this question: Should football cheerleading squads be disbanded because they are a misogynist tradition? But then the bloggers were all like: “Nope!”

First, Sarah Schorno is like, STFU you guys cheerleaders are pretty:”You can take the ‘it’s degrading to women’ and ‘it’s inappropriate for children’ arguments and shove it.”

And then Dan Levy is all, seriously? “I honestly can’t believe we are having this conversation,” he writes. (Me neither!) “And before people get all ‘oh my gosh you’re such a misogynist’ on me, let me be perfectly clear on one thing. . . you’re over-reacting.”

And then Brandon Benson goes, you can’t get rid of cheerleaders, because porn: “I admit that I always watch the gratuitous shot of a cheerleader as the network comes back from a commercial break. I admit to lingering over the cheerleader pictures posted on many NFL websites, and watching glimpses of various cheerleader tryouts on the NFL Network.”

And then Adam Tracey is all, DUH it can’t be misogynistic because it’s for men not women: “Yes women and kids watch football, but let’s face it; football’s main demographic is guys. We like football, we like beer and we like cheerleaders.”

And theeeeen, Dawn Knight goes, “I’m sure there are people out there who would want me to bring up the whole women- shouldn’t-be-objectified argument,” but then she TOTALLY DOESN’T BRING THAT UP, and instead says that a lot of cheerleaders are really nice ladies, and she’s “glad times have changed enough to look beyond the short skirts” . . . that we still make the cheerleaders wear. (Is your brain exploding? Mine is too!)

So then finally, Dan Parker is like, okay it’s misogynistic, but I’m going to put “misogynistic” in quotes because it’s not really: “the league could do well to get rid of cheerleaders in an effort to perhaps make the games seem less ‘misogynistic’ toward female viewers. “

Parker’s opinion is poorly received:

Well, it’s been fun, Washington Post‘sThe League! Thanks for having this really productive chat about misogyny! Next time, homophobia?