Credit: (Robert Ullman)

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Remember Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), that rag-tag group of heterosexual activists that just can’t seem to find many “ex-gay” people to advocate for? Last we heard from PFOX, the group was celebrating a court decision which said that “ex-gays”—-people who were once gay, but are now totally heterosexual—-should be covered under the District’s sexual orientation protections. PFOX was psyched with the ruling, because it meant that the group could begin to capitalize on protections that have been afforded to the LGBT community (hate crime legislation, anti-discrimination policies, etc.) and open up the possibility of suing on behalf of persecuted “ex-gays.”

I’ve never seen nor heard of an “ex-gay hate crime,” but I assume it would involve screaming epithets like “curse you, former homosexual!” while committing an assault, or refusing to hire an employee based on the fact that he doesn’t have sex with men like he used to. Alas, the world may never know: Yesterday, PFOX posted a blog entry encouraging supporters to help oppose hate crime legislation in Texas.  A couple of months ago, PFOX was ecstatic that “ex-gays” would finally be protected against discrimination. Now, the group is rallying opposition to those same protections across the country. What gives?

As I detailed in a story a few weeks ago, PFOX doesn’t so much advocate for ex-gays as it does advocate against gays. The group’s main interest is sabotaging the acceptance of homosexuality by arguing that sexual orientation is changeable, nobody has to be “gay forever,” and “ex-gay is okay.” PFOX will use whatever tactics available to them to protest the gay movement. When it suits the group’s interests, PFOX will celebrate sexual orientation protections. When it doesn’t, PFOX will rally the troops by penning sentences like this:

“Oppose Effort to Include Anti-ExGay Hate Crimes in Annual Defense Authorization Bill”

Woo, that is a doozy! Let’s try to pick that one apart, shall we? According to PFOX, hate crime laws protecting gays and lesbians themselves constitute hate crimes against ex-gays. Because if you tell people that they can’t beat up people because they’re gay, you discriminate against the people who beat up gay people because they are gay! It is you who are committing the “anti-ex-gay hate crime,” because if people aren’t allowed to hate gay people, how will PFOX ever find any ex-gay people? Shame on you all!