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I was reading over the Cosmopolitan Wikipedia page today, as you do, when I came across the “Controversy” section of the lady mag’s history. In it, one Wikipedia contributor attempts to resolve the long-standing feminist debate over Cosmo, once and for all:

“And it wasn’t just prudes and conservatives who took issue with the mag: A number of hard-core feminists were anti-Cosmo as well,” writes the contributor. “What they didn’t seem to realize was, Cosmo’s gentler brand of feminism was more realistic and palatable.”

Hey, it’s on Wikipedia. It must be true! The contributor goes on to quote former Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown as simply “Helen,” and states that the typical Cosmo reader “loves having a smokin’ hot sex life.” Citation needed.

On Cosmo‘s Wikipedia talk page, user Dasani airs her concerns with the history. “This article needs serious help. Who says this magazine is the most popular among women in the world? I highly doubt such a claim,” she writes. This magazine is packed with garbage. Every issue is about how to give good blowjobs or how to lose 112 pounds in a week.”

Sexy Cosmo Confession time: I do not know how to edit a Wikipedia page. So if anybody wants to waste a few minutes of their life to ensure that Wikipedia readers don’t have to read mag-ready phrases about how fun-hating “hard-core feminists” want to keep all the real ladies from lovin’ their “smokin’ hot sex lives,” I will repay my debt to you with a free t-shirt, which I will mail to the address of your choice. Thanks!