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Yesterday, local Catholic university Georgetown took on LGBT acceptance at the really Catholic local U., the Catholic University of America.

Gergetown student newspaper the Hoya detailed the efforts of a CUA student group that’s attempting to gain official recognition from the school’s administration. The group, “CUAllies,” is an unofficial support group for LGBT students on CUA’s campus. CUAllies first lobbied to be recognized as an official student org back in August, but was denied. In the rejection, Catholic University “claimed that an adequate support structure for LGBTQ students already existed on campus.”

CUA currently recognizes campus groups devoted to anime, role playing, and virtue, but none which serve the particular needs of the LGBT community. A quick search for LGBT on the University’s Web site yields no hits that lead to support services directed at students.

The Hoya piece on the group contained such controversial statements as “CUAllies hopes that the recognition of the group will provide a safer and more tolerant atmosphere for the university’s LGBTQ community,” and, “In spite of the administration’s failure to recognize CUAllies, the group has been successful as an unofficial organization.”

The Cardinal Newman Society, the leading organization devoted to keeping Catholic schools Catholic, is calling bullshit on those assertions.

” CUAllies . . . was denied official recognition by the university because its goals were contrary to the university’s Catholic identity,” the Cardinal Newsman Society wrote in response to the Hoya. “The Hoya article is clearly slanted in favor of CUAllies, touting the group’s alleged popularity and success as an unofficial organization, but that may be exaggerated according to on-campus sources to The Cardinal Newman Society.”

Egad: Anonymous sources allege the possibility of exaggerated popularity? Could this be the work of a sham Catholic institution’s radical college newspaper’s secret anti-Catholic agenda? Oh, probably:

“Unlike CUA, which is among several colleges recommended in The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College because of its strong Catholic identity, Georgetown has come under criticism for flagrant abuses of its Catholic identity for several years,” the Cardinal Newman Society continues (buy Cardinal Newman’s guide to the Catholic-y-est colleges here). “Both the controversial student group GUPride and the LGBTQ Resource Center bear official Georgetown University approval. . . . During October 2009, the LGBTQ Resource Center has an entire month of ‘coming out’ events planned on campus.”

In other words, if you attend a university which happens to have an LGBT organization on campus, you’re not allowed to report on the lack of LGBT organizations on other campuses. It’s just not Catholic to question decisions made by the Catholic University of America administration.